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Kreidetafeln München

Miss Faustus

Creating is everything

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29 April - 1. Mai 2023
Praterinsel München




Your unusual artist
for the unique

Paintings, Pourings, Classic Illustrations

Miss Faustus stands for individual art tailored to your liking. Wether it is a chalkboard for your restaurant, modern pouring art for the office or unique paintings, you will fall in love with this work.
Miss Faustus.
Creating is everything.

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Old school painting techniques with paper and pen. No computer, all real and with 100% craftwomanship

to your satisfaction


Costumerservice is key for Miss Faustus. She won`t stop, until you got the perfect result and love the art you deserve.



Every artwork is unique, crafted to your personal wishes and one of a kind. Just like you.

Miss Faustus provides artwork that is

"You won´t find a niche with me. I create. Bold, sensitive, no excuses. I put passion into my art regardless of where it is going."

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