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“I never liked labels. Neither for my art or as a person. I am not an artist, an illustrator, or a designer.
I am a creator.
Bold, sensitive, an without excuses. If people love what they see, that’s all `Art` needs to be."


Raised in the countryside in a town so small that there wasn`t even a bus stop, Miß Faustus` passion for the arts started when she was little. Her talent came from her mom, who spent her nights painting mostly nude woman in an old shed behind the farm house.

"For most kids it would be a strange image to see your mother smoking, drinking and singing annoyingly loud while painting. To me, it is a precious memory because that was the moment she wasn`t my Mom anymore. She was Karin, a human being in the full expression of all her beauty, pain and emotion. Now that I am a grown woman, I can relate to those times so deeply. Painting will always be something that gives us relief and keeps our souls close. And just for the record, she is an amazing mom."

With a vivid garden and a Grandmother dedicated to growing Dahlias as big as children`s heads, Miss Faustus fell in love with everything that was growing, flying and living in nature. Her vibrant watercolor paintings and illustrations are the result of that childhood.


After spending two years in New Zealand and Australia, she came back to Germany and worked in the hospitality industry. Years passed, but the art never left. After being rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, a family tragedy and the pandemic in 2019, Miss Faustus` art changed dramatically. Black, bold, and dark colours crawled onto the canvases. Men`s bodies with no faces, created with gold and indigo within hard lines and thick layers of paint took over. It seemed like the harsh reality of adulthood overshadowed the dreamy days of rose gardens and sunshine.


She turned her back on the serving industry after finding her truth, and made the decision to dedicate her life to creating art.

“I always wanted to create but I never knew how. I looked for somebody to give me permission, to tell me what niche I fit in. Today, I know the only person I need to do my art is myself. Making this decision gives me the feeling that I finally belong, and that means everything to me.”

Currently Miss Faustus lives in Munich and is working as a

Freelance Artist and Illustrator on an array of innovative projects.

m. Faustus

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