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Creating Art from nothing


Free of thoughts

A job is finished and we find ourself with the leftover paints, brushes and used canvases. To much to throw out, to little for a second job. What to do with it? Art of course!

Giving the fact that the used materials where already paid for, Miss Faustus could create art with pure emotions, expression and a lot of experimentation without the fear of not creating a masterpiece. "Leftovers" turned out to be an ongoing series, created by pure curiosity and emotions.

No thoughts, no meaning, just a journey.

16k Miss Faustus
Tulip Tales Miss Faustus Painting
Nevermind Miss Faustus
No. 5 Miss Faustus
Jingbi Miss Faustus
Jingbi Miss Faustus
Reinforest Miss Faustus
Aster & Ahorn Miss Faustus
Calm and stormy Miss Faustus
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